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We are on a mission to make everyday life more fun, convenient, and secure by using technology to make any transparent surface a window into virtual worlds.

We are pioneering AR technologies that enable a new content-delivery paradigm, for smart driving, commercial transport, and beyond.

Starting with the car windshield and ending with any glass surface, we can make the world a better place — by augmenting it and creating something that is dreamable.


Over the course of eight years, we have grown from a small crew of visionaries to an extensive, multinational coalition of highly-experienced engineers, expert scientists, and product designers backed by top-notch financial professionals, lawyers, and seasoned executives.

Together we make up a team of ambitious and effective collaborators that share the same goal — to transform our world with deep-tech innovations, combining second-to-none expertise with a no holds barred approach.

What unites us is a common set of core values: integrity, teamwork, and grit. We push the envelope, never backing away from hardship or uncertainty. In fact, challenges and difficult tasks are our ultimate source of inspiration.

AR CommandersPlastics EngineerWarlock of CircuitryThe SynthesizerKnight of MathematicsHolographic Crew

200 team members
64% of them work
in R&D

True Augmented Reality Commanders

These true visionaries of AR mastered the novel field of UI/UX design for AR interfaces from scratch by studying the technology and learning the subtleties of working with augmented reality. They also helped create a foundational guide on designing for and working with augmented reality.

Master Plastic Manipulator

Graduate of the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University with extensive experience as a design engineer specializing in plastics. Thanks to her expertise in plastic molding, she organizes the molding of optical and structural elements from plastic and has launched the serial production of plastic products and molds for numerous WayRay products.

Alpha Warlock of Circuitry

Joined WayRay as Electronics Design Engineer after studying design engineering at Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science. Has participated in the development of all of WayRay’s PoC products for OEMs. Develops circuitry for all key projects, constantly improves the development approach in his department, draws up standards and guidelines.

The Synthesizer

Highly experienced chemist and researcher in the field of new materials. Lead of the development of the pre-recorded hologram film laminating process for WayRay, including hologram research and testing. Currently working on developing and implementing the manufacturing technology for car windshields with built-in holographic optical elements.

Knight of Mind-Bending Mathematics

Doctor of Engineering Science specializing in metallurgy, with previous experience working as a process engineer, technical director, and department head. At WayRay, his work involves complex engineering calculations across an array of processes, in addition to generative design and topological optimization.

Holographic Starfleet Crew

Our holography engineers record the world's largest see-through holograms using a special photopolymer film that can be integrated into car windshields. The team conducts research in the field of volumetric holographic optical elements, including measuring characteristics and studying properties. Under their work, optical components are aligned and assembled to create full-color augmented reality systems.

Management Team

Meet our team of leaders that push themselves every day to solve the seemingly impossible. They are profoundly ambitious tech professionals who love a good challenge. Working side by side with them is always an inspiration, and this works both ways: they learn just as much from their teams as they give in return.

Vitaly Ponomarev

Founder & CEO

Vitaly Ponomarev

Mikhail Svarichevsky

Chief Technical Officer

Mikhail Svarichevsky

Aleksandr Bobryshev

Chief Design Engineer

Aleksandr Bobryshev

Alessandro Dini

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Alessandro Dini

Anton Kostritsa

Head of Electronics Engineering Department

Anton Kostritsa

Ekaterina Rezugina

Head of Platform Solutions

Ekaterina Rezugina

Leonid Striga

Head of Software Engineering Department

Leonid Striga

Jörg Laser

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jörg Laser

Veronika Udodova

Chief Design Officer

Veronika Udodova


To bring our vision of the future into reality as soon as possible, we have developed a set of core values that will help us achieve this goal

Do deep tech

Ask yourself this: am I doing what others are afraid to do? Think differently, go against the grain, be brave. Combine different approaches, apply knowledge from different fields. If you already know how to do something, outsource it and manage the process. Free yourself from routine and go back to start — to tasks no one has done before.

Be honest

We are a deep-tech company with long-term plans. We don’t allow ourselves to be fake. Be honest with yourself and the world around you. Open up to new ideas and perspectives. When making a decision, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you make a mistake, say so. Be yourself.

Be a pro

We are professionals that are continuously gaining new knowledge and developing our emotional intelligence. Take on team members that know more than you. Learn on your own and help others do the same. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Give good feedback and learn to take criticism.

Do it WayRay style

We’re a startup in the best sense of the word. Act fast, experiment, improve, be bold with your ideas. Use the newest and simplest tools, apply the most advanced technologies. Take responsibility for the results. Treat the company’s resources with care, and not just the material ones: respect your coworkers’ time.

Be a team

If you need to make a decision, try to think it over with someone. People are our main asset. Listen to others’ opinions — that will help you avoid mistakes in the future. We don’t want any gossip or drama in the company: encourage one another.


Ask yourself “what am I doing, how, and why?” Every time you’re faced with a decision, consider whether or not you have enough information to make it. Look at things objectively, and don’t let your convictions and stereotypes skew the information. Think about the consequences of your decisions.

We think of these six values as our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help us function together as a team and work toward our common goal.

We always keep in mind these values when making decisions, communicating with each other and the outside world, and hiring new team members.

& WayRavers

Another big part of our unique culture is our WayRaves — because whatever we do, we innovate and go beyond, so we ditched the old-school office parties in favor of raves. Imagine a team of people juggling multiple projects at once on a global scale. Well, that’s us. And after we’ve given it a hundred and ten percent, we all need a chance to let loose.

Today, the WayRave movement brings together our current team, partners, friends, former employees, potential hires, and media reps. We call on all scientists, nonconformists, perfectionists, and other -ists to join the WayRave movement and make the world what it should be, not what it is.

WayRavers are dreamers and doers passionate about science, technology, eager to solve non-routine problems, enthusiastic professionals with a growth mindset who believe in out-of-the-box solutions, and strive to contribute to international projects.

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