The way we interact with our cars has stayed pretty much the same for the last 100 years. No one has come up with a new way to interface with all of the information we need when we drive. WayRay is a European startup that is looking to change that.
AR solutions are also coming to transportation, such as WayRay, which is working to display navigation info on your windshield.
It’s Navion that promises to truly change how users navigate the road.
Rather than throwing little left-turn arrows up in your field of vision, Navion projects holographic arrows that follow the road in front of you and then onto the road where you need to turn left.
The navi directions look just like the arrows projected on the road in videogames like Forza Horizon 2.
The Navion holographic navigator could become the safest way to get where you’re going. The best part is, it won’t require you to buy a new car with the technology built in.
You'd buy this. Seriously. #Navion projects holographic GPS data onto your car's windshield....
Eric Oxenberg
Holographic car navigation: Is this for real? Is it the future already? o_O
Helen Tran
One of the coolest evolutions to car navigation tech in a while;
Warren Keefe
Interesting times ahead for #AR! "Navion projects your route onto the road via hologram" via @wellbelove
Donna McTaggart
@wayray's Navion Heads Up Display tech is very very promising. Seems well implemented. If only I could invest at this early stage!
Is The Navion Holographic Navigator The Next Generation Of GPS?
Tony Bosma
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