It's a brand new sense. Navigating to safety

Infinity Focus


WayRay Navion's bionic design is suitable for almost any vehicle. Whether you drive a retro car, sporty coupe, truck or subcompact, WayRay Navion will easily mount onto your dashboard.


The holographic projection makes it seem as if someone is charting your course right onto the road. You no longer have to squint at small and flat two-dimensional maps and try to relate what you see to the real world outside. Say goodbye to missed turns and avoidable collisions. Say hello to a new driving experience.


  • Precise navigation is standard. By using GPS/GLONASS, accelerometer and gyroscope data, WayRay Navion’s positioning precision is unmatched.

  • The information displayed is customizable. Simply select what you would like to see. You won’t have to take your eyes off the road.

  • We know how much you love your phone, which is why WayRay wants to help you kick the habit of handling it while driving. WayRay Navion projects your favorite apps onto the windshield for use — when it’s safe enough to do so.

  • Every second you spend on the road is recorded, encrypted and uploaded to the WayRay Cloud. You can access the video using your phone or the web. All footage is tied to the geographical markers on your trips. The onboard camera also allows for visual identification of the surrounding objects, opening unlimited possibilities for app developers.

Smartphone integration

You’re tethered to your phone. We get it. That’s why WayRay has made sure that using it with Navion is cool and productive. You can view statistical data, trip history, events on a map, vehicle maintenance messages and your Autoyoga achievements.

  • Route events

    Do you remember where you stopped for gas last week? Or where were you when you saw the sign for the place with great donuts? WayRay Navion remembers it all. Anything and everything that happens on the road gets automatically saved to your profile. Just access the app to find out where you’ve been — and where you want to go next.

  • Trip history

    Your encrypted trip history is stored in the WayRay Cloud. Want to see a panorama or video of any specific stretch from a recent trip? Just grab it and watch.

  • Moods

    Just like a person, your vehicle may experience mood swings that depend on weather, driver behavior or even the current moon phase. We use OBD II protocol to monitor messages sent by your vehicle's computer to warn you of any possible problems before you even reach the service station.

How it works

WayRay Cloud

WayRay Navion and WayRay Element maintain constant contact with the WayRay Cloud servers. This provides continuous traffic analysis, as well as access to encrypted stats and video. You can access them any time through the WayRay App on your phone or from your computer.

WayRay Element

WayRay Element is a compact device that is plugged into your vehicle's OBD port. Its primary purpose is transmitting your vehicle's data to WayRay Navion and the WayRay Cloud. Element, which includes Autoyoga, the personal driving coach, is the first product released by WayRay and is now available for pre-order.

WayRay Navion

WayRay Navion is the epitome of high technology and cutting edge engineering. Use it and you are suddenly not just a driver; you are the captain of a spacecraft. Everything you could possibly need is now at your fingertips. You can even use gestures to manage your navigation and apps.

WayRay App

The WayRay App provides immediate access to all your trip information, stats, settings and the WayRay Navion interface. Use Autoyoga training exercises, to save fuel and to improve your performance on road.