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Where state-of-the-art hardware is powered by cutting-edge software

We are vertically integrated and we put deep foundational scientific research at the cope of all our innovations.

We keep most of the steps of our product creation in-house, which allows us to control the development and production process, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

Holography is the core body of knowledge that enables our products deliver a True AR™ experience.

The fundamental parameters of the nanostructure make WayRay’s holographic optical element second-to-none:

Reduced volume of the projection unit due to thin photopolymer film that frees up space inside the vehicle

Virtual image placed ahead of the vehicle, overlapping the user’s field of view, resulting in an immersive augmented reality experience

AR user interface displayed at a comfortable distance for the driver’s eyes, with virtual object distance set from 0 m to ∞

The lasers we design in-house are optimized for holographic display applications and are not available on the market.

For example, one of our recent achievements is mastering the design and development of blue laser technology, both as a lighting source for the projection unit and for holographic film recording.

While the holographic optical element enables a large FOV, it has to work with the picture generating unit’s (PGU) optics to ensure high image quality throughout the field of view and eye box.

Embedded Holographic AR Display

Embedded Holographic AR Display is converting the car windshield into a screen for drivers and passengers

WayRay® is pioneering its first-ever full-color Holographic Augmented Reality Display for the automotive industry. It surpasses many conventional HUDs in projection system volume, field of view, and distance to the virtual image.

The display’s projection unit is small in volume and fits in virtually any car segment. The small package offers a large field of view (FOV), resulting in an unprecedented upgrade to the automotive experience, for drivers and passengers alike.

Embedded Holographic AR Display
AR User Interface

We believe that the AR experience should be customizable and adaptable, and never interfere with the real world — or a human’s experience of engaging with it.

Our dedicated AR Design team is continuously researching and reenvisioning the human‑machine interactive experience and the True AR™ interface design.

Advantages of WayRay’s AR HUD

Largest possible Field of View

Immersive augmented reality experience

Variable Virtual Image Distance

VID can be adjusted on the fly via City Mode and Highway Mode

0 m to ∞ distance to the virtual object

No parallax when the distance to the object equals the virtual image distance

No wedge-shaped PVB is needed

Immersive augmented reality experience

Small package volume

The HUD can be installed in any type of vehicle, including compact and sports cars

DLP laser projection technology

Better quality control and fewer production issues

Option to embed a double system

For the driver and for the passenger

Option to use different signals

From the CAN bus to ADAS, from Computer Vision to Sensor Fusion

AR Rendering

We developed a single software platform for all of our solutions: the AR Rendering Engine. The ARRE acquires data from sensors, computer vision, and maps to calculate vehicle positioning and render virtual objects in real time.

AR Rendering Engine Slide1

To create a bespoke AR User Interface for our products, we develop UI animations for different road scenarios, test the items’ behavior in a virtual city, and render AR objects that are accurately positioned to match the real world.

Add-on Holographic AR Display

In certain cases, such as commercial air and maritime transport, embedding a holographic AR display is not feasible due to vehicle design or technical parameters. For this, we have specifically designed an advanced Add-on Holographic AR Display.

Add-on Holographic AR Display
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Trains and trams

Trains and trams

Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment

Seeding Equipment

Seeding Equipment


In-house facilities

Laser laboratory

or laser assembly and testing to verify stability, beam quality and power


Holography laboratories

for holographic optical element recording and optical quality verification


Experimental production

facility equipped with CNC machines, metrology equipment, vacuum casting and painting equipment for mechanical design and production


PCB assembly facility

for the development of high-complexity PCB design with MCU, CPU, and memory and assembly of the PCB for prototypes


Climatic and vibration testing laboratories

that allow for simultaneous vibration and temperature tests

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