It's a brand new sense. Navigating to safety

Focus at infinity

Fits any car

WayRay Navion’s bionic design makes it suitable for almost any vehicle. Whether you drive a retro car, a sporty coup, a truck or a subcompact, WayRay Navion will fit right in. The gadget’s innovative materials and design make mounting it on the dashboard a breeze.

Navigating naturally

It is as if someone has charted your course right on the roadway. There is no longer any need to look at flat, two-dimensional maps and try to relate what you see to the real world outside. Say goodbye to missed turns and emergency situations. That’s what we call a new driving experience.


Smartphone integration

We know your smartphone is your life. For that reason, we made sure that using it in conjunction with WayRay provides for plentiful synergies and flexible additional functionality. Sky is the limit for those of you who bring your iOS or Android smartphones with them on the trip. View statistical data, trip history, events on a map, vehicle maintenance messages and your own Autoyoga achievements. Hurry up, your Facebook friends are already at it.

How it works

WayRay Cloud

WayRay Navion and Element maintain constant contact with our WayRay Cloud servers. This allows for continuous traffic analysis and access to your trip’s encrypted stats and video. You can access them any time through the WayRay App on your phone or from any computer connected to the Internet. If the city you live in is connected to the WayRay Infrastructure expert system, you can also participate in creating a smart transportation database.

WayRay Element

WayRay Element is a compact device that is plugged into your vehicle’s OBD port. Despite its small size, it is packed with technology and offers a broad functionality. Its primary purpose is transmitting your vehicle’s data to WayRay Navion and WayRay Cloud. Visit the Autoyoga section to learn more about WayRay Element and for information on how to place your order.

WayRay Navion

WayRay Navion is the epitome of high technology and cutting edge engineering. Use it – and you are suddenly not just a driver. You are the captain. Of a spaceship. Feel free to choose between two available display modes: green holographic and full color, for a richer, more entertaining experience. Everything you could possibly need is now at your fingertips. You can even use gestures to manage your navigation and apps.

WayRay App

The WayRay App provides immediate access to all your trip information, stats, settings and the WayRay Navion interface. Use it for Autoyoga exercises, to save fuel and cash and to compete with your friends.

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Beta starts in September 2014





Be the first to own WayRay Navion and WayRay Element. You can place a pre-order while fine-tuning and testing is still in progress. The price will be $500 - you will only be charged when the product ships.

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