Quality Policy

About WayRay®

WayRay® is a holographic AR technology company headquartered in Zurich. Since its inception, WayRay® has grown from a startup to a global, award-winning deep-tech company that collaborated with global automakers on multiple projects.

The scope of our Quality Management System covers the development of augmented reality systems in Zurich.

Mission and vision

WayRay® is on a mission to make everyday life more fun, convenient, and secure by creating the technology to make any transparent surface a window into virtual worlds. The future of autonomous driving is closer than we think, and the first step is to make distracted drivers looking at maps on flat screens a thing of the past. That’s why WayRay® is pioneering AR tech that enables a new content-delivery paradigm for smart driving, commercial transport, and beyond. Starting with the car windshield and ending with any glass surface, we can make the world a better place — by augmenting it and creating something that is dreamable.

Strategic quality initiatives

How we work — our policies, protocols, and purpose — is founded on a deep understanding of our customers' needs, familiarity with global standards, and years of industry experience. Understanding and adhering to these policies and protocols allow us to do high-quality work.

We aim to meet and exceed our customers' expectations by maintaining our products and technologies' highest standards. We know that success is seeded at the beginning of any process. That's why we make sure to start strong in the quality area, and continuously monitor and improve quality as we go — making us more effective and efficient in the long run. We also make sure all of our employees have quality management tools and know how to apply them. Our technology and products are what make us a leader in holographic AR displays. Through them, we advanced our novel transportation market concept, introduced the possibility for new AR applications, and are on our way to becoming a top employer in the deep-tech industry.


Management statement

Management supports the operation and monitoring of the Quality Management System’s processes through regular, documented Management reviews. In these, Management monitors and analyzes the processes to identify any action necessary to support them in achieving the desired outcomes, including defining the criteria and methods needed to ensure the efficacy of both the operation and control of the System’s processes.

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