Pininfarina showcases concept-car TEOREMA with Holographic WayRay True AR® HUD

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July 14, 2021, Zurich, Switzerland

One of the world’s leading car design firms, Pininfarina, presented TEOREMA with its first-ever 100% virtually developed concept car. Its new approach is aimed at fostering interactions among passengers and the outdoor environment. That’s why the designers first made the interior, and afterward, they built the exterior. To get a WOW visual experience, the Holographic WayRay True AR® Head-Up Display (HUD) was used. It designs a virtual image where all interface details are integrated into the real world behind TEOREMA’s windshield.

Pininfarina Teorema Concept

TEOREMA has a fully autonomous mode; however, drivers can switch into the driving mode. In this case, WayRay True AR® HUD, integrated with the Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS), navigates drivers, provides useful traffic information, and warns against potential road dangers.

Other passengers get a different type of True AR™ content: about the environment, attractions and landscape, trip details, and games. Owing to the fact that WayRay is developing its own True AR™ marketplace, a wide variety of entertainment applications and numerous types of games from third-party developers will be available to passengers in the future.

“Within the near future, we will be getting a whole new visual experience while traveling. A seamless combination of the virtual world and the real one will provide a qualitatively new level of safety and comfort. This car may still seem futuristic to most of us, but our technology implemented in TEOREMA is already here and ready for mass production,” — said Vitaly Ponomarev, Founder & CEO of WayRay.

Advantages of WayRay True AR® HUD

Holographic WayRay True AR® display does not project a virtual image onto the glass surface but literally integrates the interface elements behind it with high color saturation. Our specially recorded diffractive holographic optical element works so that when laser emanation passes through it, you can see another reality (virtual image) combined with the real world. This is the True AR™ technology.

We also want to highlight the system's compact size that makes it convenient for implementing to any vehicle.

More about TEOREMA

The fully electric and autonomous TEOREMA concept car was designed by teams from Cambiano and Shanghai and features an innovative aerodynamic shape. The integration of their developments took place in the Pininfarina Virtual Lab using AR, VR, MR technologies, which made it possible to quickly work out various scenarios for using a car by a driver and passengers. TEOREMA dimensions are 1400 mm in height, 5400 mm in length, and 2200 mm in width.

“Pininfarina has always looked to the future using concept cars as an innovation tool to chart the direction and introduce new visions in terms of usability and technology in the automotive industry, — Kevin Rice, Chief Creative Officer, — TEOREMA, in particular, wants to return to people the pleasure of being in the car, driving and traveling, without the frustrations of increased congestion and other compromises, yet integrating AI, 5G, and the latest technologies to drive passengers towards new incredible experiences along the journey.”

TEOREMA makes it easy to adapt the modular space inside the car for different purposes and 3 main modes: drive, autonomy, rest. The internal environment and the smart seats automatically change to allow people to socialize or lounge back. The driver's seat is moved forward, while in autonomous mode, it can easily turn around to face the rest of the passengers. The central part allows you to feel as if in a living room (especially if the seats are fully extended) and gets the greatest pleasure from communicating with each other.

TEOREMA has no side doors, which ensures supplementary rigidity and lightness. Instead, like entering a living room, getting inside the TEOREMA takes place by simply walking inside it as the rear opens and the roof extends upwards and forwards, leaving the ground to a foot-triggering floor that guides passengers to their seats.

Besides WayRay True AR, Pininfarina also used the latest developments of Continental Engineering Service (Smart Surfaces and Intelligent Glass), Poltrona Frau (seats), and Benteler (BEDS Rolling Chassis).

About Pininfarina

Pininfarina – Global icon of Italian style, Pininfarina is recognized for its unparalleled ability to create timeless beauty through its values of elegance, purity, and innovation. Founded in 1930, Pininfarina has evolved from an artisan concern to an international service Group, the supreme expression of automotive styling, and an established reality in industrial and experience design, architecture, nautical, and mobility beyond automotive. A group employing 600 people, offices in Italy, Germany, China, and the United States and listed on the Stock Exchange since 1986. Over the course of nine decades Pininfarina has designed more than 1,200 vehicles and more than 600 projects in different areas, receiving numerous international awards.

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