CES 2020: WayRay to unveil the first-ever full-color holographic AR display, announce a strategic partnership with Covestro, and move beyond automotive industry applications thanks to a new collaboration with Doosan Bobcat.

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January 7, 2020, Zurich, Switzerland

WayRay, the Swiss-based deep-tech startup pioneering holographic augmented reality displays, is returning to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, opening on January 7th, 2020, for the 4th consecutive year. This year, the company will unveil the latest version of its holographic AR technology in full-spectrum color. WayRay will also demonstrate new applications beyond automotive thanks to a collaboration with Doosan Bobcat and will announce a strategic partnership with Covestro toward developing new holographic materials to embed in windshields and side windows.

The first-ever Holographic Augmented Reality Display in full color

Last year at CES, more than 1,200 visitors experienced WayRay’s 180° Holographic AR Cockpit demo. This time, the public is invited to experience a new Holographic AR display demo, bringing the full-color spectrum to the windshield and presenting the future of infotainment in self-driving cars. The Holographic AR display demo reflects the flexibility of WayRay’s system, showcasing new applications in autonomous driving, urban mobility, and infotainment.

Vitaly Ponomarev, WayRay Founder and CEO, comments, “We are coming to CES for the fourth time in a row, and every time we are trying to outdo our previous accomplishments and to demonstrate new updates to the holographic AR technology. This year, the Holographic AR Display is updated with an addition of a blue laser, offering a complete RGB experience”.

Collaboration with Doosan Bobcat

WayRay is pleased to announce a new joint collaboration with Doosan Bobcat, the global leader in compact equipment. WayRay and Doosan Bobcat are teaming up to develop a new add-on Holographic AR HUD technology solution based on the core AR technology already presented in the past for automotive embedded solutions. This device will display Augmented Reality information in front of an operator while seated in Bobcat equipment, which will enable them to operate the equipment more efficiently and productively. This collaboration will allow WayRay to expand its cutting-edge technology beyond the automotive industry, bringing new AR applications to the construction, agriculture, and transportation industries.

Joel Honeyman, Vice President of Global Innovation at Doosan Bobcat, comments, “This is an example of how Doosan Bobcat is partnering with new cutting-edge technology providers outside our industry to bring the latest innovative solutions to our customers in an effort to help them accomplish more.”

Alessandro Dini, WayRay CSMO, comments, “We are beyond proud of our collaboration with Doosan Bobcat, and glad to see the full potential of our technology, utilized in industries other than automotive. We are looking forward to improving the safety and comfort of our user’s experience, drivers, operators, and pilots from different industries, in the near future.”

Strategic partnership with Covestro

WayRay and Covestro have agreed on a strategic partnership. Covestro is one of the world-leading suppliers of high-tech polymer materials, also focusing on the development of new photopolymer products for automotive AR HUD applications. The Covestro product line Bayfol® HX is already in commercial use for several applications. Together, the companies are developing new products to be embedded in windshields of future passenger cars and other means of ground transportation.

Moritz Winterstein, Head of Development Business Holographic Light Guiding at Covestro Deutschland AG, comments, “Creating new solutions for automotive HUD require close collaboration. We develop products enabling far-field augmented reality displays and support WayRay’s vision and #dodeeptech approach.”

CES 2020 will run from January 7th through January 10th, 2020, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas (NV).

Locate WayRay:  LVCC, North Hall, booth 3602

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