CES 2020

We were back for the fourth year in a row with a breakthrough in our holographic AR technology and demos of new applications

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True Augmented Reality in full color

The updated Holographic AR Display now has a blue laser, offering a complete RGB experience. It was the first time visitors encountered True AR™ in a full-color immersive augmented reality display. WayRay’s display grants an impressive look into the future of autonomous driving, urban mobility, and infotainment.

Add-on Holographic AR Display for Doosan Bobcat

The Holographic AR Display in a Bobcat vehicle demonstrates the potential for applications of our AR technologies across multiple industries. The display can help minimize accidents by offering operators of construction vehicles an expansive view of the environment around the vehicle, projected in AR. When combined with GPS location data, the AR system can help operators navigate large construction sites, making it possible to pinpoint proper locations with ease and precision.

Strategic partnership with Covestro

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We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Covestro, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-tech polymer materials, on the development of new photopolymer products for automotive AR HUD applications. Together, we will develop innovative holographic materials to be embedded in the windshields and side windows of future passenger cars and other means of transportation.


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