CES 2019

We presented a car with a built-in holographic AR display

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At CES 2019, we took another giant step towards bringing the AR future — where any glass surface is a window into virtual worlds — to life. We showcased a demo car with an embedded holographic AR display, an AR glass cockpit concept, and a brand new SDK for AR app creators.

Demo car with WayRay’s Holographic AR Display

Our third anniversary at CES, we celebrated with WayRay’s Holographic AR Display built into the Genesis G80. The demo car by South Korean luxury brand Genesis shows how WayRay’s projection system can be customized to fit the dashboard of any production vehicle.
Collision warningExceeding the speed limitBlind spot detectionObstacle detection

AR Interface Illustration

The AR interface created by WayRay shows navigation elements and points of interest along the route — visual illustration of the practical potential of WayRay’s holographic AR head-up displays.

180° Holographic AR Experience

We have created an engaging immersive experience in our custom AR glass cockpit for land, air, and water transportation. The cockpit concept with a full-windshield AR interface gives a taste of what the future of autonomous mobility might feel like.
Ground modeFlying modeBoating mode

More than 1,500 visitors got a chance to interface three dreamlike travel scenarios and enjoy the foretaste of autonomous mobility.

The cockpit’s AR glass turns into a holographic AR infotainment system with a 180-degree view. The booth visitors were able to enjoy scenic views and discover historic landmarks while navigating the route. In every driving scenario, the virtual imagery is seamlessly overlaid onto the real world, making the autonomous driving experience natural and infotaining.

Up in the air, the cockpit’s AR glass presents breathtaking panoramic views on the city. The attendees got a feel for what it’s like to navigate a flying car through a concrete jungle, enhanced with digital notifications, fancy ads, event reminders, and sight icons. With the air-mode cockpit concept and holographic AR interface, WayRay visualizes how flying cars will change the way people commute.

Our designers and engineers have visualized never-before-seen opportunities for marine navigation. The 180-degree holographic AR display shows coastal data, vessel parameters, and infotainment content right in the captain’s line of sight.


In the SDK demo zone, with the help of WayRay’s True AR Kids, over 100 AR enthusiasts were able to experience the live demo of the True AR Simulator in a VR Headset and tried their hand at creating AR apps right on the spot. True AR SDK is here to help you develop AR apps for holographic AR displays. With the SDK, you can integrate virtual objects into the real world, enhancing it and creating something that might seem only dreamable.


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