CES 2017

WayRay Holographic AR Display for Rinspeed

At CES 2017, WayRay showcased the world’s first holographic AR infotainment system for self-driving cars. The system was featured in the Oasis concept car built by Swiss car manufacturer and automotive designer Rinspeed.

Adaptive content

The AR infotainment system in the Oasis let the “driver” benefit from useful route information while the “passenger” was kept entertained by social media updates and interesting location alerts. Depending on the driving mode (autonomous or manual), different types of information were visible to the person in the car via the WayRay AR interface.

Alternative routeArriving at destinationCollision warningNarrow spot warningProximity advertisingSocial-based traffic info

AR Infotainment Examples

Wide field of view

Compact projection system

Multicolored interface

Holographic optical element embedded into the windshield


The Rinspeed car demonstrated WayRay's approach to around-the-car media content, showing the company's vision for implementing AR in the development of new infotainment systems for transportation and everyday life.

Media Coverage

How to drive a concept car with holographic navigation

How to drive a concept car with holographic navigation

Dec 28, 2016
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