Deep Reality Display® technology by WayRay

Deep Reality Display® technology — a new generation of the WayRay True AR® HUD where different parts of the virtual image can appear at different distances. With the Deep Reality Display, the virtual meets the real: both appear simultaneously at the same distance and become one.

WayRay’s tech has made dashboards a thing of the past. Deep Reality Display® technology replaces the traditional car dashboard, adding a new immersive True AR effect with multiple depth planes. This breakthrough feature further reduces the disparity errors between the virtual image and the real world, resulting in an even more impressive user experience.

For drivers

Deep Reality Display means extra focus on the road, ADAS and support, plus subtle entertainment features with no distractions.

For passengers

Deep Reality Display means a seriously great time. Instead of being bored on the road, they can have fun in a new reality.

DRD scheme
True AR™ multiple depth planes
Virtual Instrument Cluster
Navigation line
Entertaining content
Entertaining content

With Deep Reality Display® technology, cars become more than means of transportation — they become places of unparalleled enjoyment.

Gaming and entertainment are seamlessly built into the real world surrounding the car, creating a totally unique experience for drivers and passengers alike.

DRD scheme
True AR™ multiple depth planes
Virtual Instrument Cluster
Navigation line
Entertaining content
Entertaining content
Use case #1

Gaming & entertaining content

WayRay True AR® Games are an incredible new type of entertainment during car rides. With a never-before-experienced level of immersion, passengers and drivers become virtual characters perfectly interacting with the digitally-augmented real world.

Gaming & entertaining content


Driver & Passenger

Gamification offers a new experience for drivers and passengers alike. While gaming content for drivers is aimed at keeping the focus on the road, passengers have their car ride transformed into an exciting adventure.

True AR Gaming

All gaming objects appear organically integrated into the car’s actual surroundings, creating a sense of a fantastical new world.

True AR Gaming Interface


Infotainment content is personalized according to the end-user’s interests. In addition, the Deep Reality Display® technology can tailor the amount of information visible to the driver and passenger on True AR™ multiple depth planes.

True AR Infotainment

Virtual objects can be bound to a road section or a POI, change shape, move around, or even be permanent elements of the WayRay True AR® Interface.

True AR Infotainment Interface_Plane
Use case #2


WayRay’s ADAS is trained to detect objects like lane markings, vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic lights. We are constantly adding new improving algorithms of object localization and tracking, improving the precision and speed of our computer vision algorithms.

Crosswalk detection

Crosswalk detection tracks and highlights pedestrians and crossing areas, helping drivers notice pedestrians in blind spots and drive more safely.

By continuously following and tracking lane curvature, the system places True AR™ objects in the most appropriate position for any given moment.

Line & car detection

The WayRay True AR® elements follow the position and orientation of actual objects, providing alerts and guidance to help make driving safer.

ADAS_Line and car detection_Interface

Virtual objects are tethered to the real world environment and interact with it according to the movements and position of the car.

Use case #3

True AR™ Navigation

WayRay True AR® navigation elements are more than just a line or graphics. They are dynamic True AR™ elements that appear suspended at a given distance. Their position can shift depending on the car's speed, the curvature of the road, and other objects in the distance — making them feel like real objects along the way.

True AR™ Navigation


WayRay's innovative interface provides the driver with clear route directions.

ADAS_True AR Navigation

The person at the wheel sees navigation signs laid out on the road directly in front of the car.

Advantages of WayRay’s True AR® HUD

WayRay’s True AR® technology

Virtual image responds to and aligns with the real world

Largest possible field of view

Extended viewing area delivers more AR content

FOV_WayRay True AR HUD

Small package volume

WayRay’s True AR® HUD can be installed in any type of vehicle with just a small cutout in the dashboard

High color saturation

Crisp and vivid imagery with unprecedented color depth


No limitation on Virtual Image Distance

From 0 m to infinity

Immunity to sun load

No sun damage to projection optics

Off-axis system

Flexible integration even in sport geometries

Laser UnitOptical FiberPGUHOE
How it worksLearn more about WayRay’s True AR® technology
How it works

The Laser Unit creates a red-green-blue (RGB) light beam matching the Holographic Optical Element (HOE) bandwidth.

Laser Unit_WayRay AG
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Dichronic and reflecting mirrors
Fiber connector
Cooling system
How it works

The Laser Unit is connected to the Picture Generating Unit (PGU) via an optical fiber cable up to 10m in length, granting full flexibility in its placement.

Optfiber_WayRay AG
How it works

WayRay's Picture Generating Unit (PGU) is small in volume and fits in virtually any car segment. The small package offers a large Field of View (FOV), resulting in an unprecedented upgrade to the automotive experience for drivers and passengers.

Holographic corrector (WayRay custom design third party production)
Diffuser screen (WayRay custom design)
Projector corrector (WayRay custom design)
DLP Projector
Fiber coupling
How it works

The Holo-windshield is a key component of our Holographic True AR™ Head-Up Display (HUD). It consists of a Holographic Optical Element (HOE) recorded on a customized photopolymer and functional layers that meet the automotive requirements for glazing.

Outer glass
Outer adhesive layer e.g. PVB
Special function layer
Holographic Optical Element
Special function layer
Inner adhesive layer e.g. PVB
Inner glass

WayRay is a vertically integrated company that designs and customizes the best True AR experience for each client and end-user, in close collaboration with exclusive partners of international stature.


AGP eGlass is one of the world’s leading high-tech glazing manufacturers in the automotive industry.

With a unique value proposition, AGP is redefining the status quo of smart glazing for the electric and autonomous vehicles of today and tomorrow.

Our strategic partnership will enable the integration and industrialization of an innovative lamination and holo-recording technology in any desired glazing part to continue shaping the future of mobility.

Covestro is one of the world-leading suppliers of high-tech polymer materials. Focusing also on the development of new photopolymer products for automotive AR HUD applications.

We have agreed on a strategic partnership to develop new products to be embedded in the windshields of future passenger cars and other means of ground transportation.

The Holographic Optical Element (HOE) created with Covestro's photopolymer film is fully transparent and can be laminated inside any windshield during vehicle manufacturing.

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