We are an industrial deep-tech company with a relentless culture that sets us apart

Our proprietary technologies make us leaders in holography and TRUE AR™ pioneers.

Thanks to years of continuous R&D and our brilliant team, we were able to create products that are unrivaled in the automotive and deep‑tech industries.

TRUE AR™ Displays#1 in HolographyFocus on Deep Tech

The first-ever Holographic Augmented Reality Display

We are the first company to invent and master the technology for creating a True Augmented Reality experience for the automotive industry and beyond. The information displayed via WayRay’s Holographic AR Display is seamlessly integrated into the real world at variable depth; no eyewear or headgear needed. No existing head-up display can create such a vivid 3D image.

Leadership in holography — leadership in AR

To implement augmented reality in our displays, we use holographic optical elements (HOEs) capable of performing incredibly complex optical functions while remaining transparent, thin, and capable of conforming to curved surfaces such as windshields.

As the only company to master the application of holography to head-up displays, we are a leader in non-wearable augmented reality solutions for transportation and beyond.

WayRay True AR Holo-windshield

The importance of deep foundational scientific research

“Do Deep Tech” is one of our primary company values — it’s at the core of how we approach our work, technology, and products. Thanks to our continuous R&D, we possess fundamental and defensible engineering innovations that set us apart.

While other companies focus on refining or delivering standardized tech, or are limited to business model innovation, we offer unique deep tech solutions. Our underlying intellectual property is well-protected and hard to reproduce, making it a strong competitive advantage or barrier to entry.



Our holographic AR head-up displays for cars surpass any conventional HUD in its projection system volume, field of view, and distance to the virtual image. The display can be customized to meet the specific integration requirements of any car model. The AR user interface can be designed for both drivers and passengers, conventional vehicles and self-driving cars, consumers and businesses.

The AR user interface can be designed for both drivers and passengers, conventional vehicles and self-driving cars, consumers and businesses. The display shows drivers and passengers useful information such as stoplight and pedestrian alerts, route mapping, and animated POIs.

Transportation and heavy machinery

In our mission to transform any transparent surface into a holographic AR display, we don’t stop at the automotive world. We have designed an advanced Add-on Holographic AR Display that makes it possible to implement holographic displays in land, air, water transportation, and heavy machinery.

The Add-on Holographic AR Display gives equipment operators an expansive view of their surroundings in HR, eliminating head-turning and distractions to reduce accidents. Combined with precise GPS positioning, the AR system can guide operators through large sites and pinpoint target locations.


The potential for applications of our holographic technology extends far beyond navigation. Holographic AR-embedded smart glass can be seamlessly integrated into any environment, bringing the augmented reality experience to any building — commercial or residential. Your home, office, and any other building can be upgraded with smart windows that enhance your senses and help you explore the world around you.

Holographic AR smart glass would be personalized to individual users, syncing to their devices to show upcoming events in their calendars and other items of interest while displaying general information like traffic flow throughout the city, weather forecasts, and POIs like landmarks or retail stores.

Core ProcessesOptics & HolographyHardware engineeringElectronics engineeringSoftware engineeringQuality AssuranceChemistryDesign

Core Processes

We are a vertically integrated company and keep most of the steps of our product creation in-house, which allows us to control the development and production process, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

Optics & Holography

Optical engineering is at the core of the augmented reality experience. The Optics & Holography department uses the most advanced equipment to perform state-of-the-art laser research and optical design, resulting in breakthroughs in holography.

Hardware engineering

The Hardware Engineering Department uses computer-aided engineering for the mechanical design, prototyping, and assembly of our products at all stages of their development — all achieved in-house.

Electronics engineering

The Electronics Engineering department conducts systems design research and carries out analog and mixed signal design, FPGA design, power supply construction, and PCB assembly.

Software engineering

The Software Engineering Department employes DevOps, and is responsible for developing our unique software like the AR Rendering Engine and the SDK, in addition to creating and troubleshooting firmware and backend for mobile.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance team performs rigorous testing of our web and mobile interfaces, in additional to testing our hardware and software to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.


The Chemistry Department conducts all of the research and development of materials necessary to support our complex technical engineering processes, especially those pertaining to glass lamination.


The Design Department covers a range of tasks that define the look and feel of our products, including graphic design, UI/UX design, industrial design, CG design, and web development.

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total in funding

Our work and innovations are acknowledged by the industrial giants who have invested in us and by the largest car makers who have collaborated with us.

Porsche, Hyundai Motor, Alibaba Group, China Merchants Capital, JVCKENWOOD, Consortium of Sovereign Wealth Funds (among them Japan Investment Fund, formed by JBIC; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrein)

New investments will help us create outstanding technologies and products that will bring us and the world closer to the future where every transparent surface is a window into virtual worlds.

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HQ and our deep-tech hub for full-cycle product design and development, equipped with a unique optical laboratory.

Our Team

We are a team of ambitious and effective collaborators that share the same goal — to transform our world with deep-tech innovations, combining second-to-none expertise with a no holds barred approach.What unites us is a common set of core values: integrity, teamwork, and grit. We push the envelope, never backing away from hardship or uncertainty. In fact, challenges and difficult tasks are our ultimate source of inspiration.
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