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AutoMobility LA 2017

WayRay Named Among Finalists of 2017 Automobility LA’s Top Ten Automotive Startups™

Winners praised for remaking auto industry to be recognized during AutoMobility LA, Nov. 27-30

Selected from nearly 300 applicants, WayRay and other 9 finalists demonstrated the potential to greatly impact the daily transportation and mobility needs for both business and consumers. This year’s Top Ten startups range from augmented reality and enterprise carpooling, to in-air hand controlled devices and analytics software for commercial fleets.

The 2017 Top Ten will be narrowed down to three later this month followed by a grand prize winner being determined on November 28 during AutoMobility LA. The grand prize winner will participate in an advisory session with the judges and receive significant prizes, including a $15,000 cash award.

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Startup Autobahn 2017

WayRay took part in Startup Autobahn, Europe's largest innovation program, in 2017 with the aim of developing revolutionary in-car AR infotainment systems to power the next generation of manual and driverless cars. Through close association with established, industry-leading figures, the program provides unparalleled access to the niche knowledge, insight and technology required to thrive in this space.

WayRay successfully secured a place among just 33 startups to take part in the 100-day program, from more than 500 applications.

Participation in the program is another step towards ubiquitous AR HUD becoming commonplace in all cars, providing superior entertainment, personalization and safety for all passengers. Other achievements in 2017 include securing a partnership with Harman International and Banma Technologies Co. with the aim of developing internet-connected cars.

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WayRay Announces Strategic Partnership with Banma and Round B Series Led by Alibaba

The strategic partnership between companies is set to develop a new augmented reality car navigation and infotainment system.

The new system will feature an advanced AR Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that integrates augmented reality navigation, driving assistant notifications, a virtual dashboard, and much more. It will be built into one of Banma’s 2018 car models, making it the world’s first vehicle in production with a holographic AR head-up display (HUD).

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CES 2017

At CES 2017 WayRay debuted a unique AR infotainment system for self-driving cars, featured in the Oasis concept car built by Swiss manufacturer and iconic automotive designer Rinspeed. The system revolutionizes the way people access information at the wheel, using the windshield as the most natural medium for delivering content in a safe and convenient way.

Visualized information is contextual and personalized, meaning it can offer a unique experience for every passenger in the car. Based on users' preferences, this smart infotainment AR system displays essential route information, relevant points of interest, local events, and more.

WayRay has created a highly compact system without sacrificing quality or color reproduction through development of proprietary, miniaturised transparent holographic displays.

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