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WayRay Announces Strategic Partnership with Banma and Round B Series Led by Alibaba

The strategic partnership between companies is set to develop a new augmented reality car navigation and infotainment system.

The new system will feature an advanced AR Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that integrates augmented reality navigation, driving assistant notifications, a virtual dashboard, and much more. It will be built into one of Banma’s 2018 car models, making it the world’s first vehicle in production with a holographic AR head-up display (HUD).

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CES 2017

At CES 2017 WayRay debuted a unique AR infotainment system for self-driving cars, featured in the Oasis concept car built by Swiss car manufacturer and automotive designer Rinspeed. The system revolutionizes the way people access information at the wheel, utilizing the windshield as the most natural medium for delivering content.

Visualized information is contextual and personalized, meaning it can differ for different passengers. According to users’ preferences, this smart infotainment displays essential route information, relevant points of interest, local events, and more.

A proprietary technology of transparent holographic displays allows WayRay to make the system small in size and multicolored.

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WayRay Navion
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